Niagara SPCA & Humane Society Dog Adoption Application

  1. I hereby understand and agree that the animal I am adopting shall be kept in my personal possession and humanely treated.
  2. If at any time I wish to relinquish the said animal, it MUST be returned to the Society. 
  3. I will not permit the said animal to be used for any experimental or vivisection purposes whatsoever.
  4. I understand that the animal I am adopting has received inoculations listed and I understand that the animal may require additional booster shots. This does not however infer that a Veterinarian has in fact examined the animal and such examination is recommended by the Society at my earliest convenience.
  5. I understand that although the Society takes all precautions they cannot guarantee the health or disposition of the animal that I am now adopting. I understand and accept this risk and absolve the Society should the animal become sick or show aggression.
  6. I understand that if the animal becomes sick within 14 days of the date of adoption, I can return the animal to the Shelter where I have the option of adopting another animal or a refund. I understand that any refund is at the discretion of the Society. I understand that if I have the animal examined by a Veterinarian it will be entirely at my expense.
  7. I understand that by completing the required questionnaire and by leaving the spay/neuter deposit of $50.00, that if I should change my mind prior to the completion of the adoption I willingly forfeit the spay/neuter deposit to the Society.
  8. The non-refundable spay / neuter deposit will only be returned to me for the following reasons:
    1. During spay / neuter procedure due to complications of the surgery the animal dies.
    2. The adopted dog bites a person without any mitigating circumstances within 14 days of the adoption.
    3. The Society at its discretion may return the deposit for reasons it believes are justifiable.
  9. If any false statement is made on the questionnaire that I have completed and is discovered after the spay / neuter deposit has been made and prior to completion of the surgery, which includes denial of adoption as a result of the property inspection, I understand that I shall only be refunded $30.00 and the remaining $20.00 shall be kept by the Society for administration expenses.
  10. By submitting the following application you understand and agree to a virtual meet and greet with our Animal Care Staff as part of the application process. Please note that we may also use footage from our meet and greets for social media posts.


** Please note that the animal that you are adopting is still owned by the Society until the completion of the adoption process and the adoption can be terminated at any time by the Society. It is also understood that as stated in Item 5, though a Veterinarian may have examined the animal at the time of spay/neuter the Society or the Veterinarian is not guaranteeing the health or disposition of the animal and that the Veterinarian used may not be disclosed to you. **

I understand that Niagara SPCA will keep the information I provide here confidential and agree that the Society may forward information or requests for donations in the future. 

By Checking this box you agree to “NIAGARA SPCA AGREEMENT”