The Welland & District SPCA has two areas of responsibility - municipal and provincial. Under the municipal component we provide animal control and bylaw enforcement for the six area municipalities we service.

Our OSPCA provincial responsibilities of cruelty investigation, plus rescue and care for injured animals and wildlife are funded solely by donations. The demand, as an Ontario SPCA affiliate, continues to increase and it is the generous support of our fundraisers and events which allows this critically important work to continue.

This past year we received close to 8,000 inquiries and officers responded to 5,700 calls, with 3,245 animal admissions into our shelter. The costs of veterinary bills, medications and the treatment of our animals also continue to increase. Each year, the shelter's financial resources are stretched to meet the demand for our services. If the last two years are any indication, this is the face of the future.

Fundraising endeavors and donations are vitally essential to sustain our efforts! The Welland & District SPCA is very fortunate to have an outstanding group of volunteers including a very active Fundraising Team, without whom our events could not happen. Their dedication and hard work are exceptional and greatly appreciated.

Fundraising efforts involve three main annual events and several additional initiatives. Support of our fundraisers such as our PAWSitive Action Walkathon in June to raise funds for our Emergency Animal Relief Fund (EARF) and our very successful Christmas Dinner Auction to support both EARF and animal cruelty investigation continues to play an invaluable role in our efforts to speak for the animals. Since 2007 EARF funds have made it possible for over 675 animals to be treated and adopted. As well donor funds have supported 359 cruelty investigations in 2009. In addition, during the same time period we reunited or adopted over 1,490 dogs and cats, plus we helped and relocated many varieties of wildlife.

Community support is a critical component to our provision of services and the necessary care and treatment of our animals. We are exceedingly grateful for the ongoing and invaluable support from individuals and businesses within the community. Please help us continue our efforts.

Thank you for your continued support of the Welland & District SPCA.