Missing Cat Dain City
August 27, 2019
Welland, ON – Cat – Aug.29, 2019 *Lost* – ID 3004727
September 4, 2019


My cat has been gone for a few days, his name is Buddy but he has a microchip which may say either Jerry or Gerry (this was the name the previous owner called him).
If he does go out he usually comes back home a few hours later at most and hangs around the back yard at my place or next door. I am at 39 A Division street or he may go where the Welland Market is (he has been known to be seen there.
He had escaped from my place a few months back and someone had brought him to your place so was wondering if this was the case again or or if he had been reported has being hit or something, can’t walk around so I have to use a motorized wheelchair and did go around to see if I could spot him but obviously I haven’t seen him.
I am missing him and would like to know if he is at your place or even if he was reported for something else so please let me know ASAP.
I have included some pics to help identify him.