To set the PACE for animal Protection, Advocacy, Care, Education.


A future where no animal is left alone, unwanted or mistreated.


Accountability, Collaboration, Commitment Compassion, Education, Innovation, Leadership, Volunteerism


  • To encourage responsible animal ownership and care, and to provide leadership and guidance in the humane treatment and welfare of all animals;
  • To act to prevent cruelty, physical or mental pain or suffering to any animal;
  • To encourage consideration, respect and compassion for all animals;
  • To assist in the enforcement of all laws designed for the protection of animals and to secure by lawful means, the arrest, conviction and penalties for persons who abuse or neglect animals under such laws;
  • To set high standards for improved animal care, welfare, protection and shelter;
  • To educate the public on animal welfare issues and animal protection laws; and
  • To advocate for function within the laws and in cooperation with government, industry and research representatives in improving conditions for all animals, maintaining a balanced sensitivity towards animal and human needs.