Most of us treat our pets as part of our families. When we are faced with the decision of whether or not to euthanize our pet, it becomes a heart wrenching experience. Many people seek their veterinarian's advice and ask them when the time is right. Quality of life and degree of illness or any suffering are important indicators. We are never ready to say goodbye to our beloved animal but when we put our pet first, and ourselves second, the decision to do what is best for them becomes much easier.

The staff at the Welland & District SPCA are here to assist you with this difficult process. Euthanasia of your pet will be carried out with compassion and dignity. This service is offered Monday to Friday. If owners want to stay with their dog, this can be arranged. Please contact the shelter to make an appointment.

Unfortunately we cannot offer the same service of owners being present for the euthanasia of cats.

We want to help you cope with your loss and with the final decisions for your faithful friend. Options of private and communal cremation are offered through the Welland & District SPCA. After private cremation, the ashes are placed in an urn of your choice and returned to you. At an added cost, specialty urns can be customized.

If a final resting place for your pet is of interest to you, burial of urns containing ashes is available with the purchase of a plot in the Welland & District SPCA Pet Cemetery. For more information please see Pet Cemetery.

Grieving the loss of a pet is a natural process and many of the feelings and reactions are similar to those of grieving the loss of a person. The healthiest way to deal with loss and the associated feelings is to allow ourselves to mourn. We understand your grief and offer our heartfelt sympathy. With the passage of time, treasured memories will be a comfort and a tribute to your beloved pet.

Words of comfort...

The Last Battle and The Rainbow Bridge